One month in

Well it is now just over a month since we launched and to be honest we couldn’t have expected things to go as well as they have. A very big thank you to everyone that has supported us over that period of time. We really appreciate it.

The community has grown quicker than we anticipated, showing how many good bloggers there are out there writing about so many interesting a diverse topics around the world of British business. Some topic areas are more popular than others and have grown quicker, but that was always to be expected. C’mon you finance bloggers….you must be out there somewhere?

The iPhone app is a great little piece of technology, although as people have rightly pointed out there are only a limited number of blogs on there.  This is because it requires a manual update and obviously it makes sense to do that in batches. Watch this space for a new update soon! And of course with the app you can tweet links to blogs you like to your followers in one easy move. Sharing the posts and taking new readers straight to the blog in question.

Clearly we have a long way to go and our ambitions for the site are considerable. But every journey starts with a first step and we are really pleased with ours.

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