Your Questions Answered

Who are you?

A question that we mull over regularly in the small hours. British Business Bloggers or Bbb as we affectionately know it is a business blog directory run by bloggers for bloggers.

What is Bbb?

We like to describe Bbb as a cult community. The idea came when we ourselves were trying to find people blogging about the same sorts of things that we were and finding it dead hard. Knowing there had to be a better way we decided to create the site as a way of both bring bloggers together, but also sharing traffic and providing a way for readers to find new and exciting blogs without having to trawl the internet for hours.

Is Bbb really free?

Completely and totally, there is no charge for any blogger wishing to be part of the community. We’re not making any jokes on this bit. We’d like to tell you that is because we are serious about keeping it free, but it is actually because we couldn’t think of any.

How do I join Bbb?

We have a highly rigorous selection process modeled on the SAS. You basically submit your blog here. All that we ask that you do in return is to display the Bbb logo on the front page of your site or on your blog page so that readers of your blog can find the site and explore other blogs and bloggers.

So go on, what is the catch?

We can’t think of one…..if you can, let us know and we’ll try and sort it out! Either that or exploit it, depending on how good a catch it is.

What are the criteria for being a member?

So, the site is British Business Bloggers and it is for bloggers writing about British business! It can be any aspect of business from Marketing to Economics to Recruitment to Social Media or the whole lot as a small business. All that we ask is that you blog semi-regularly (at least once a month) and that you display the logo on your site.

How do I get to be the featured blog?

Simply if you catch our eye and we like what we see, we’ll feature you. Or if you send us bribes made of chocolate.

What happens if I don’t display the logo?

Bad things…..very bad things! If there is a reason that you cannot display the logo, such as a technical problem, then let us know and we will do our best to help. This only works if everyone helps everyone else by participating so that we can share traffic from big to small. So if you want to participate you need to display the logo or sadly we will have to remove you from the site.

What can I do to help and get involved?

A cup of tea would be nice. The main thing that you can do is to participate and to tell others about the site. Bbb is a community site run by bloggers for bloggers. It isn’t our day job and we also have our own blogs to run too! So if you’d like to help then let us know how and why.

Something is broken/not working what should we do?

Our preferred approach in situations like this is to stand in the corner and cry. If you don’t fancy that then contact us here and we will cry for you and then do our best to fix it.