It takes time

We’ve been very lucky with the amount of support that we have received since we started the site in 2011.

Each week we get a number of submissions from an increasingly broad array of blogs. Subject areas that were initially slow to start, such as Finance and Economics are starting to become more popular. And the initially popular categories, such as HR, Communications and Training are continuing to grow too. We really can’t complain.

But maybe you can?

Ok, so we know that sometimes we aren’t the quickest to come back to you when you submit a blog and we want to apologise.  As well as having our own blogs, we also have full time jobs and families and sometimes it can take a little longer to verify a submission that we’d like. So sorry.

We do get around to checking every submission though and will always reply whether to tell you you’ve been included or to explain the reasons why you haven’t.  The biggest reason for non inclusion is a dodgy RSS feed, which means that we just can’t include your content.

So we’ll promise to try and pick up the pace and, in the meantime, if you’re thinking of submitting a blog don’t forget to check your RSS feed. You can do this for free here.

And remember….all good things come to those who wait!


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